Count birthdays between dates using COUNTIFS

You can use the COUNTIFS function to count the number of birthdays between two dates of an Excel file.

Count birthdays between dates with COUNTIFS

In our example cell F3 contains the following formula:

How this formula works

Since we need to check for two conditions, the use of COUNTIFS function is appropriate. The first condition in cell F3 Birthday,">="&DATE(E3,1,1) checks if the birth date is higher than January 1st, 1985 while the second one Birthday,"<="&DATE(E3,12,31) checks if the birth date is lower than December 31st, 1985. COUNTIFS function will return the number of cells that have dates between our specified dates, if both criteria are met.

Please note that range “Birthday” contains cells C3:C26 from our table.

Since the operators ">=" and "<=" need to be entered as text between double quotes, we have to use the symbol & to concatenate the operator with each date. If you skip this step, Excel will not be able to understand your formula and will display an error message.

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