How to clear formatting in Excel [multiple options + keyboard shortcut]
Adding colors and number formatting can improve the readability of your Excel reports, but sometimes you will want to remove all the formatting and start over. This is why it [...]
How to indent in Excel [multiple solutions + keyboard shortcut]
Excel is great at manipulating and sharing data, but it sure doesn't shine when it comes to text formatting. However, simple changes like indenting text can really improve readability. In [...]
How to add a whole column in Excel
When just starting out people often find themselves wondering how to add a whole column in Excel. Usually, a formula only applies to a range of cells, not the entire [...]
How do I know what version of Excel I have installed?
Whenever you need to troubleshoot Excel issues, the first thing you should do is check whether you have the latest version available. A question I get asked a lot is [...]
How to unmerge cells in Excel
This step-by-step tutorial shows how to unmerge cells in Excel, how to find all merged cells from a worksheet, and how to fill unmerged cells with the original content of [...]
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