How to add zero in front of number in Excel [9 methods]

By default, Microsoft Excel automatically removes leading zeros from the beginning of numbers. That’s because, from a mathematical point of view, a zero before an actual number is irrelevant. However, there are cases when adding a zero in front of a number is important. Think of postal codes, phone numbers, or account numbers. A lot […]

How to remove password from Excel file

This tutorial shows how to remove password from Excel file using multiple methods. Some methods work even if you don’t know the password. Whenever you send out an Excel file that you don’t want to be changed, it’s essential to protect the worksheets with a password. However, you will also need to be able to […]

How to group worksheets in Excel [in easy steps]

This article explains how to group worksheets in Excel. You may want to do this to quickly edit multiple worksheets simultaneously, perform the same calculation on multiple sheets, correct typos, or copy a group of sheets. To group sheets in Excel: Hold down the CTRL key and click each of the tabs one by one When you […]