Subtotal by item type using SUMIF

If you need to calculate subtotals based on item type (or whatever common criteria), you can easily do so using the SUMIF function.

How to find duplicates in Excel using Conditional Formatting

Learn how to find duplicates in Excel. Perform the check in the same column or compare two different sheets, using conditional formatting or formulas.

Sum sales by year using SUMIFS

If you are looking to create a breakdown of yearly sales based on a list of transactions you can use the SUMIFS function.

Count cells that contain odd numbers with SUMPRODUCT

In this article, I’ll explain how to count cells that contain odd numbers in Excel. This example uses two functions: SUMPRODUCT and MOD. Before we begin, I suggest that you download the exercise file. The syntax If you are familiar with SUMPRODUCT, then the syntax for this formula really simple: =SUMPRODUCT(--(MOD(range, 2)=1)) where range is […]

Count cells not between two numbers

If you are looking to count cells not between two numbers in Excel using COUNTIFS, then you are in for a disappointment. That’s because COUNTIFS uses the AND logic when comparing the criteria, resulting in an always FALSE result. And that makes sense since a number can’t be, for example, higher than 100 and lower […]